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Weld On Hook

Our weldable components are heavy-duty industrial weldable joints used in conjunction with load restraints to tie down cargo during transportation on commercial vehicles. This Weld on U has been designed for use with trailers and truck beds.

We manufacture Weld on U, Weld on Lashing Links, Weld on Rope Links, Trailer Weld on Lashing Links and Trailer Weld on Rope Links as well as Weld on Rope Hook, Weld on Tie Down, Weld on Lashing Bracket, Lashing Bracket, Tie Down and Rope Hook. 

Our weldable components are measured using from inside to inside. Our weldable components do not come threaded. The shaft of is designed to be welded.

Please see attached information on measuring weld on components prior to your order.

Fully manufactured in our own site here in the UK.

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