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Steel Weldable Fittings

Steel Weldable fittings are one of the most common types of materials used in welding. This type of steel weld fittings are used for its strength, hardness, ductility and fracture toughness. 

These fittings are ideal for use in a variety of applications and systems. This includes oil, gas, power and automotive industries. These fittings are suitable for both residential and commercial uses.

Each fitting is threaded up to the equivalent BSP standard available unless otherwise stated. Fittings are supplied threaded at each end but will require threading if cut. Joints need to be sealed with PTFE tape. Working pressure up to 150 PSI.

Waterline Products have a wide range of steel weldable fittings in sizes 1/8” to 6”. Larger sizes may also be available. Should you need a size of fitting that we do not have available on our website, please contact us and we may be able to source this for you.