Compression Fittings | General Technical Specifications

General Specifications

  • Rated Pressure at 20 deg C
  • Compression fittings transition compression fittings, underclamp tapping saddle and ball valves: PN 16 bar.

Maximum Temperature

Up to 45 deg C in the limits dicated by the use of polyethylene pipes.

Reference Standards

  • Complying with ISO, UNI, DIN, NF
  • Threads to UNI-ISO 7/1, Din 2999, BS21, EN 10226-1
  • Flanges to UNI 2223, DIN 8063, UNI EN 1092-1, UNI 2278

Sanitary Specifications

  • Comply with standards for conveying drinking water as per current regulations in Italy and in many other countries.
  • D.M. n. 174 dated 06/04/2004

Materials - Compression fitting

  • Body: Polypropylne (PP-B) high stability copolymer with UV protection.
  • Seal: NBR and EPDM. Bush ring: polypropylene, high stability copolymer with UV protection (PP-B). Clamping ring: acetalic resin (POM).
  • Nut: polypropylene high stability copolymer with UV protection (PP-B).